The fit20 academy

All fit20 trainers complete a rigorous training program at our center of excellence - the fit20 Academy. To ensure our members get optimal training results in a safe manner, our fit20 trainers require extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise. All this training is organized through the fit20 Academy. Not only do we train all new fit20 trainers there but we keep experienced fit20 trainers sharp by offering master classes. We are committed to continuously improving our knowledge and skills, ensuring our trainers are always at the top of their game.


The fit20 Academy is our training and expertise center. Here all new fit20 trainers are trained and certified if they meet our standards. Training takes place online, through studio internships, mentorship and hard copy workbook. When all requirements are successfully fulfilled, the new trainer may sit for the written and practical exams. As you can see we take training very seriously.

Learning is everything

After their certification, we stimulate our trainers to continue learning. We have an extensive online learning environment and we offer master classes for experienced trainers. We also seek to expand our knowledge by collaborating with top exercise science researchers like Assistant Professor James Steele of Southampton University in the UK. We also have a scientific advisory committee that helps to provide you with the most cutting edge and effective training system.

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