Training without the need to change or shower at fit20 Traverse City

You won’t perspire during your fit20 training. The machines are set at high resistance but you move at a slow speed. The slow movement speed in combination with a cooled training studio (63℉) means you body does not get the “sweat stimulus”. Your energy is used to deliver your top performance for that week. No hassle with changing and showering, you just train in regular street clothes.

fit20 is fast. You train by appointment and there is no need to change or shower. This makes it easy to find a 20-minute slot in your agenda before, or after your work day. People who don’t feel comfortable in a the regular gym atmosphere also love fit20.

Changing and showering unnecessary

Many people think you need sweat to have a great workout. During your fit20 training, you experience that this is actually false. Your fit20 training is high intensity, gives your body an enormous health boost, and improves strength and vitality, but you can leave your sport bag at home.

The no-sweat workout

Because of the unique fit20 training method and the fact that we keep the studio cool at a comfortable 63℉ you will not perspire and therefore don’t need to change or shower. Your body won’t need to waste energy on your temperature regulation. All the energy is invested in your training effort.

Your muscle cells will start to use fat as an energy source as soon as you’ve used up the fast glycogen stores. There is no faster way to burn through your glycogen stores than the high intensity fit20 training. Our intense training also causes the insulin receptors to become more sensitive. A very positive metabolic development especially for diabetics or pre-diabetics. If, in addition to your training, you eat a healthy and balanced diet it will be easier for your body to stay in “fat burning mode”. Perspiration does not play a role in this process.

Train in your regular street clothes

We do our best to make your weekly training appointment as convenient and easy as possible. You won’t waste time packing your sports bag, changing, and showering. Just come in whatever you have on that day. You won’t perspire so it’s easy to plan the fit20 training into your regular workday.

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